3 Signs You May Have a Water Leak

For the most part, your pipes carry water to faucets and fixtures without much trouble. However, since they often run in walls and under floors, you don’t really know what is going on with them. Small leaks can develop that, over time, cause wasted water and damage to the surrounding material. Here are three signs you have a water leak that needs to be found 

1. You See Water Pooling

Sometimes it really is this simple. if you notice water pooling on the floor or at the base of your walls, there’s a pretty good chance you have a leak somewhere. At this point, you definitely want to turn off the water supply and call a professional to determine the source. 

2. Your Water Bill Is Unusually High

Many people first notice a hidden leak when their water bill suddenly spikes. Before thinking the worst, take a minute to determine if there is a reason for the unusually high water usage Jacksonville FL. For example, filling a pool, daily landscape watering during a drought or an unusual amount of extra laundry can all run up a water bill at times. 

3. Mold Is Growing Under Cabinets

Mold or a musty smell under cabinets is a sure sign that there is moisture buildup. While it could be a problem with high humidity in the house, if there is a sink or other plumbing attached to the cabinet, it is more likely you have a hidden leak. 

You can try to treat the growth with mold inhibitors, but unless you get rid of the moisture that is fueling it, you will continue to have a problem. Since certain types of mold can lead to serious health complications if left unchecked, you don’t keep wiping it off and hoping git will go away on its own.

Sometimes, water leaks are obvious. However, other times you may have to look for more subtle signs like an unusually high water bill or mustiness inside cabinets.