Signs That You Should Contact an Electrician

If you are like most people, you want to feel safe in your home. However, your electricity can be an unknown danger. It is not always easy to determine when something may go wrong because these wires are hidden behind your walls. Therefore, whether you are renting or purchasing your home, watch for these signs that you may need an electrician.

Your Breakers Keep Tripping

Everyone will experience tripping breakers. You may have too many Christmas lights, appliances or electronics plugged into the same circuit. However, if you are frequently making trips to your electrical panel because a specific breaker keeps blowing, then you may need an electrician to check for wiring issues. These professionals are adept at electrical troubleshooting Philadelphia PA and can tell you whether your system is overloaded or you have a true wiring problem. Also, you should check your box monthly. Look for fraying wires.

The Air Smells Like Something Is Burning

Smoky, burning smells that aren’t due to an overcooked pot roast in the oven may suggest serious electrical problems. If your home smells of smoke or like something is burning without an obvious answer, turn off your home’s power and leave. Then, immediately call the fire department. If nothing is found, contact an electrician immediately to check all the wires in your home. However, do not turn on your power until the electrician has checked all the wiring.

Your Outlets Are Warm or Shocking You

If your outlets are warm, do not use them. This suggests that the wiring is faulty and may cause a fire. In this case, turn off the power to the house and contact an electrician. In addition, if you find that a specific outlet or switch constantly shocks you, you may have a faulty wire. Keep in mind that infrequent shocks may be the result of static in the air, but constant shocks by the same outlet or switch should be checked out.

You Experience Inconsistent Power


Do your lights flicker and buzz? Is this a constant challenge when you turn on specific lights or any light? This may suggest that you need to replace a specific fixture or that your wiring is damaged. Also, if you plug in a dryer or the furnace comes on and your lights flicker, you probably have a wiring issue. Check to ensure that your bulbs meet the outlets’ restrictions, and if the light still flickers, contact an electrician who can replace your fixture or check your wiring. 


Don’t try to handle your electrical issues and don’t ignore the danger signs. Contact a licensed professional to ensure that your home is safe.