3 Signs Your Home Needs Stucco Repair

There are plenty of benefits to using stucco for your home. The fire-resistant, rot-resistant, and low-maintenance material makes your home look beautiful, adds value, and can even block out noise. Of course, the better you take care of your stucco, the longer it will last, which means it’s important to know the signs that it needs repairs.

1. There Are Cracks in the Stucco

Cracks in the stucco are one of the biggest signs that you need stucco repair Columbus Ohio. If they are more than a quarter-inch long, it could be a sign of problems with your home’s structure, often due to settling. Smaller cracks may indicate water damage and need to be sealed to prevent further damage. This is especially true of the stucco around your windows and doors.

2. The Stucco Has Stains

People are tempted to paint over stucco stains, but the underlying issue needs to be fixed first. Sometimes, stains are only that and simply need to be cleaned. Other times, discoloration is a sign of water damage that needs to be repaired before the stains are removed. Only after the issue is taken care of should you repaint areas where your stucco has discoloration.

3. The Stucco Has Moss or Bubbles

Moss or bubbles are two surefire signs that your stucco has water damage. Moss only grows in places where there is plenty of moisture, so if you notice it on your stucco, you’ll need a professional to check for leaks. The same can be said for bubbles. Bubbles happen when water gets trapped inside of the wall and leaks out the bottom of the stucco. If you notice bubbling at the bottom of your home, it likely has a leak that needs to be repaired.

If you notice signs that your home’s stucco needs to be repaired, contact a professional who is licensed, insured, and reputable. Doing so is essential for the structure of your home.