Spring Cleaning Your Yard

Whether you are starting to come out of your winter hibernation or planning out your spring tasks months in advance, the in-depth cleaning typical of the season does not have to stop at your front door. There are essential cleanup and maintenance tasks your yard needs in the spring to flourish all year long, such as raking, pruning and planting.

General Cleanup Tasks

The most critical spring cleaning tasks in your yard include an overall cleanup of the debris accumulated during the fall and winter months. This general cleaning can consist of everything from discovering toys from the kids or pets as the snow melts to contacting a tree service Woodlawn OH professional to remove fallen branches. Some of these companies will also offer landscaping services to help you clean up the winter grime. If you have a compost bin set up, remember to research which things you can compost, like leaves and twigs, and which ones you cannot, such as dog droppings.

Goal Specific Spring Maintenance

Spring is the perfect time to get started on specific yard goals, such as reviving your lawn or repairing flower beds. Once your yard has had a chance to dry from thawing out, you will want to rake the debris from the property. Raking helps reduce thatch build-up and can remove debris you may have missed in your first cleaning of the area. It is crucial to wait until your yard is not muddy to start raking, so you do not accidentally dislodge the grass. Preparing your yard for planting new flowers or repairing walkways is also best done when the ground is relatively dry.

Spring cleaning your property means thoroughly going over everything inside and outside. You can find landscaping and tree services to perform many of these tasks, especially those involving specialized equipment. Spring is also an excellent time to refresh your flower beds and lawn to meet any landscaping goals.