4 Benefits of Boltless Shelving Systems

Storage is a concept that has confounded people for ages. People collect things over time, inherit things, buy in bulk and do lots of other things that take up the space around them. Businesses have inventory, materials, tools and supplies. Picture all of those things occupying space on floors and countertops and creating a general clutter. Now picture those spaces with shelving systems installed. Boltless shelves are a type of shelving system that offers users many benefits.

1. They’re Easy To Install

As the name suggests, boltless shelving systems are easy to install. They require no tools and everything you need is in the box they came in. Some models feature double rivet angle beams in lieu of crossbars. Sometimes, the pieces fit inside one another snugly, with notches built-in upon which the boltless shelves sit. Some have clips that are installed that users place at the preferred distance between shelves, offering storage option flexibility.

2. They Help To Maximize Space

Arguably, the most salient benefit to boltless shelves is the amount of space that they can free up for you. Boltless shelving systems can fit most anywhere because sizes range from small to expansive. Most will have four or five shelves, 12-18 inches deep, and separated vertically by 18-24 inches.

3. They’re Strong

A heavy-duty boltless system can hold up to 700 pounds or more. Steel units are capable of holding between 500 and 2,000 pounds per shelf. Even a small system that one person can move around is usually rated for several hundred pounds.

4. They’re Cost-Effective

Effectively, because they come with fewer parts, they cost less. Boltless systems are widely available and part of their popularity is due to their cost-effectiveness.

Boltless shelving systems work well in the garage, the warehouse or the storage room. They are valuable in myriad settings, from personal to professional spaces.