4 Tips To Maintain Rain Gutters

Rain gutters make a world of difference to any home, especially if you’ve never had them. Gutters channel rainwater away from your house as it runs off your roof, keeping you dry. However, these home additions only work if you take care of them, so here are four tips to properly maintain your rain gutters.

1. Remove Debris Continuously

Rain gutters are highly effective at moving water, but only if the flow isn’t obstructed. This means you must continuously remove any blockage that builds up. Another alternative is to install gutter guards Clackamas. Guards allow water to filter into the gutter while keeping out leaves, bugs, twigs and other debris.

2. Inspect Downspouts

Every gutter has what’s called a downspout. A downspout is a vertical piece attached to the gutter where the water exits from. Be sure to regularly inspect this downspout to make sure it doesn’t become detached, and that it’s long enough to ensure water is released far from the house.

3. Seal Holes and Tears

Over time, an older gutter can develop rust spots leading to holes and tears. A leaky gutter is useless and causes water to pool up around your foundation. If you find a hole in your gutter, make sure you patch it as soon as possible or replace the gutter altogether.

4. Secure Sagging Gutters

Occasionally a gutter will become disconnected from the side of your house, allowing water to bypass it and run down your siding. To fix this problem, you’ll need to get on your ladder or call a reliable gutter company. Having your gutter inspected and securely refastened is the best protection against excess moisture.

Whether you’ve recently installed a rain gutter or have had one for years, regular maintenance is a must. By keeping gutters clean and secure, you’ll protect your home from costly damage.