Surface and Deep Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is essential for anyone who has carpets in their home or business. Here, you will learn about surface and deep carpet cleaning.

Carpet Surface Cleaning

Regularly vacuuming your carpet helps to lengthen its life. However, vacuuming may only remove surface particles from your carpet—complement regular vacuuming with annual deep cleanings, such as carpet cleaning South Jersey.

Carpets capture air particles, dust, pet dander, allergens, dirt, and grime that settle on your floors throughout the day. If your carpet is not vacuumed regularly, these particles may go down deep into the fibers of your carpet and get lodged through regular use.

Suppose you cannot find the time to vacuum your carpet regularly using a traditional vacuum cleaner. In that case, purchase a robotic vacuum and set it to run on a regular schedule. The robotic vacuum will perform the chore for you.

Carpet Deep Cleaning

If you have purchased a new carpet, to maintain its warranty, you may be required to deep clean your carpet professionally once every twelve to eighteen months and keep the receipts as proof of maintenance.

Deep cleaning your carpet lengthens its life, freshens the fibers, and removes lodged particles from your carpet, leaving it cleaner and brighter. Deep cleaning comes in various forms. Three popular methods include carpet shampooing, steam cleaning, and dry carpet cleaning.

In carpet shampooing, the vacuum applies a mixture of cleaning solution and water to the carpet and lathers using brushes. The remaining moisture is then sucked into the vacuum, and the carpet is left to air dry.

In steam cleaning, pressured boiling water is used as steam with no chemicals. The vacuum applies the steam to the carpet using brushes and agitators. The resulting moisture is then sucked into the vacuum.

In dry carpet cleaning, water is not used. The vacuum applies a dry compound and brushes it into the carpet. The compound attracts and dissolves particles and is then sucked into the vacuum.