5 Unusual Methods You Can Use To Prevent Pest Home Invasions

Unwanted pests can be a big problem for homeowners, and it is estimated that critter destruction costs more than $400 million each year. Don’t wait until your unwanted invaders take over your home to fight back. Use these five unusual methods to control the pesky pests.

1. Cap

When winter arrives, critters of all types look for a warm shelter to make their home. If you have a fireplace, the roof area can make a comfortable and secure nest. To prevent stack invasions, invest in a secure cap for your chimney.

2. Trash

Picking up wind-blown trash or debris left over after the children are finished playing can seem pointless, but it can keep pests from visiting your home. Rodents use paper for nesting materials, and ants will visit to locate small bits of food.

3. Yard

If you have a yard building or backyard shed, you may discover holes animals have created under the structures. These dens will be used every year until you remove the animal and seal the hole. Call a wildlife removal Buford GA company that captures and releases the animal back into the wild when possible.

4. Dehumidifier

Bugs, insects, and rodents all love humid areas to settle into. If you have a basement, crawlspace or attic that is damp, purchase a dehumidifier to remove the moisture the critters love. Without the dampness, the area will become less inviting.

5. Siding

Wash the grit and grime off the outside of your home each year. The dirt and debris can offer a nesting place for small insects, including spiders. As you wash your home, look for areas with possible problems such as cracks, loose boards, or broken siding.

Keeping your home free of invaders of all sizes can help you feel safe and secure in your home. Use these five simple ways to keep pests at bay. It may surprise you how easy it can be to prevent the intruders from building a nest in your house.