Ideas for Making Your Shower More Luxurious

How many people have you heard say they get their best ideas in the shower? Perhaps you’ve said it yourself. Showers seem to serve as a sanctuary for many people; a place for them to clear their mind and relax. Obviously, they’re also highly practical for good hygiene, but showers are often judged more for their comfort than anything. Here are some ways you can upgrade your shower for an even more enjoyable experience. 

Steam Things Up 

A steam shower is pretty much just what it sounds like — it’s kind of like a little sauna in your shower stall. This can be good for soaking in the steamy heat for the sake of comfort, but it can also help clear your sinuses. Getting a steam shower kit for a more spa-like experience will make building a steam shower much easier than piecing the parts together yourself. Once you have this installed, you may need to clear more space in your calendar for showering, because you’re not going to want to leave anytime soon. 

Hit the Lights

You may be surprised how much your shower experience will be improved by upgraded lighting. This may mean just supplying more light in your shower, but another fun way to kick things up a notch is to experiment with different colored lights. A relaxing color set at the right brightness can completely change how your shower feels. Having a bright, well-lit shower can help you wake up in the morning as you prepare for your day, which in turn may help generate some of your better ideas.

Take a Seat 

Sitting down in the shower may not sound like much, but if you’ve ever used a shower with a bench in it after a long day, you probably know this small accessory is worth it. While resting your legs as you soak in the hot water is very inviting, this is also a practical upgrade — having a spot to prop your leg up can make shaving your legs much easier because you don’t have to bend as far. 

Aside from being useful, showers can serve as both a refuge and a place of inspiration. Whether you’re looking for added health benefits, ways to kickstart your morning, or added comfort, you can customize your shower to help achieve these goals. With all the time you spend in your bathroom each week, it’s worth making it as enjoyable and functional as possible.