An Eye for Decorating Details

They say the devil’s in the details. When it comes to decor, that’s certainly true. What elevates good design from the common sort of DIY decorating is attention to the finer points. Here are just a few details that can take your interior design to the next level.


Lighting is crucial in good design. It can highlight the best features of a design and drawer attention away from less desirable points. You can’t just throw lights about willy-nilly, though. You should think about what kinds of lights you’re putting in and where. High end residential lighting will take onto account warmth, directionality and intensity in both indoor and outdoor settings. It all depends on the effect you’re trying to achieve and what you want to highlight.


Texture is often overlooked in favor of color but there is a world of difference between a glossy and a matte finish on paint, for example. Texture will also include fabric choices in upholstery and drapes as well as flooring and even wallpaper. A good mix of textures can work together to create an atmosphere and maximize the light, both natural and artificial.

Focal Points

Good design has focal points. These are areas or features you want to highlight, so you single them out for special attention. Final points draw the eye and give you something to look at. If everything is a focal point, then your decor is a busy mess. If nothing is a focal point, then your design can be confusing and people won’t know where to look.

Paying attention to details like these signals to visitors that you have put thought, time and effort into your design. Even if the details are too small to stand out, they’ll register on a subconscious level as a sign of good design and elevated taste.