Top 4 Reasons To Put In Energy Star Windows

If you’re a property manager, you may be researching the benefits of energy star products. There is certainly a higher initial cost to installing energy star products and appliances; however, it’s important to remember that these types of products save you money in the long run. Upgrading windows is a common improvement project because of the return on investment. Here are the top four reasons to install energy star windows in your apartment buildings.

1. Added Protection for Valuables

Old or single-pane windows allow harmful ultraviolet in each day. Over time, UV light causes fading and discoloration. As a property manager, it’s important to protect your valuables. Energy star apartment windows Ocean County NJ reduce the damage to your floors, drapes, furniture and paintings by up to 75 percent. With multiple apartment buildings, the savings to your valuables certainly adds up.

2. Increased Comfort

Even though you’re not living in the apartment buildings you manage, you want your renters to enjoy their home so that they will stay longer. Simply put, increased comfort increases the likelihood of your renters staying. Aside from the people inside your home, comfort is a close second priority. Ensure that your renters enjoy a comfortable home by installing energy star windows.

3. Lower Energy Bills

Most apartment buildings require that renters pay for utilities. Energy star windows are proven to lower energy bills by up to 12 percent annually. Even though you may not see these savings, your renters will definitely appreciate this benefit.

4. Reduced Carbon Footprint

Carbon footprint refers to the amount of carbon dioxide emissions caused by a person. Carbon dioxide emissions are harmful to the environment. Because you likely own several apartment buildings, you can significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions by installing energy star windows.  

Energy star windows are beneficial both personally and professionally. Consider installing energy star windows in your next project.

Wood Floors Are Far From Boring With These Ideas

When you want to update the flooring in your house, a natural consideration is a wood floor. They are a popular choice that can enhance the beauty of your home. Once you have decided on a wood floor, you need to pick what kind of floor you want. While there are many options available, none are as unique and spectacular as Jamie Beckwith Flooring. Here are a few things to keep in mind when narrowing down which floor type you’d like to install in the various rooms of your home.

Many flooring collections offer unique patterns. You are no longer limited by strips and planks that are linear. Modern and intricate patterns available today are pushing the boundaries of the typical wood floor you will find. These patterns can be used for all of your flooring or just a section with a rug inserted in it. You can mix any of the patterns or add in color to make it even more unique. Unique flooring patterns can even work on an accent wall if you’re looking to extend the pattern beyond the floors. Interesting patterns to consider are jigsaw, hive, sextant, and many more interesting designs. 

Etched patterns are also growing in popularity. The floor is cut, sanded, stained and then hand finished with a hard oil wax that does not contain VOC. This is a treatment on a wood floor that allows you to add your own style and flair. Some of the options include a pop option, which is curved and circular shapes connected and look different from anything you have seen on a wood floor. There is the option to etch text, symbols, emojis, logos, and hashtags on the floor. This is a great way to bring your wood floor into the digital age.

Have you considered putting wood planks on your walls to give them depth and pattern? Adding unique wood designs to a wall is a creative way to improve the walls of your home instead of sticking to the usual paint and wallpaper. No longer will you be surrounded by boring walls in your house. You can opt for a rustic look and feel that is reminiscent of an old cabin, or you can aim for a sleek, modern look that is clean-cut and fresh. 

No matter what patterns or styles you gravitate towards, installing wood flooring is an excellent choice due to the material’s long-lasting properties. The best thing about wood floors is the many options available so you can customize the look and feel of your home before you even begin selecting furniture and decor pieces. Start with the flooring and walls and you’ll be inspired to pull together complete rooms that suit your style. 

The Impact of Corrosion on the Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry is responsible for just over 10 million jobs here in the United States and brings in around eight percent of the country’s gross domestic product. As hundreds of billions of dollars are invested in this industry every year, it is important to protect those working in the field, as well as the equipment, from unexpected loss or damage. Corrosion is a sneaky little element that can be blamed for over 25% of the failures that occur within the oil and gas industry.

The Damage of Corrosion

What you might see as a bit of harmful rust can have a massive, devastating impact on the integrity of the materials and equipment of one of the nation’s largest industries. Whether it is found in the refineries, in production lines, during the drilling process, or riding along with elements of transportation, implications of corrosion estimates to around $1,372 billion a year. Much of this is found in damage to surface pipelines and facilities (around $589 million), with another $320 million relating to capital expenditures to address the impact of corrosion.

The Solution for Corrosion

Although the industry relies on different equipment types (such as an anodizing tank) to protect the integrity of specific contents, there are other factors that can help mitigate the damage that rust and corrosion can do. As new material combinations continue to develop, equipment will need to be upgraded to add additional protections. The impact of the process also contributes to the presence of corrosion, and both protective coatings and inhibitors need to be used together to alter the environment to be more rust-resistant.

Billions of dollars are wasted each year as a result of the damage corrosion does to the oil and gas industry. More extensive research in anti-corrosion operations and materials can help improve both efficiency and financial stability for the industry and those companies dealing with the natural decay of metals.

How Home Tent Fumigation Works

WArm humid environments such as what we have in the Florida Keys can be conducive for insect pest infestations in your home. While in some cases you may be able to treat the problem by yourself, in other cases, a professional exterminator may be required. They utilize a variety of treatment techniques, depending upon the nature and extent of the infestation. One excellent and thorough method is tent fumigation. If you have a termite infestation in the Florida Keys, other techniques simply won’t work. If your infestation problem is getting out of control, contact tent fumigation specialists Florida keys.

Tent Fumigation: The Technique

Tent fumigation, also known as structural fumigation, treats the entire building in one fell swoop. Here’s how it works: Your property is completely enclosed by a  specially designed tent. Then, a controlled amount of gaseous fumigant is released into the tent. All spaces, nooks, cracks, and crannies are permeated by the agent. After a certain prescribed amount of time, the tent will be opened and vented. Once thoroughly aired out, your home will be pest-free. Even hard-to-eliminate pests such as termites will be eradicated. The gaseous agents that are used leave no residue after venting. There are no adverse post-treatment effects.

Prior to the actual fumigation, a trained technician will visit your residence. He or she will inspect attics, room corners, crawl spaces, and basement areas. In addition, careful attention will be paid to floors, window areas,  overhead timber, closets, and cabinet areas. Furthermore, they will evaluate the home’s immediate external surroundings. 

Pests Exterminated By the Tent Fumigation Technique

Chief among the species targeted by tent fumigation is the drywall termite, which can only be eliminated by tent fumigation in many cases. Other pests that will be eliminated by tent fumigation include:

A Handy Guide For New Landlords

Being a landlord can be a very rewarding experience. This is something that experienced landlords Steven Taylor of Taylor Equities knows all too well. Landlords have the chance to build wealth, utilize their secondary properties, and become entrepreneurs in their own right. First-time landlords may need a few tips and pointers before they can become truly successful, though.

Luckily, Steven Taylor Taylor Equities and other real estate pros can help navigate all of the newbies through the process. Preparation is everything. A new landlord is only going to be as successful as the work that they have been putting in ahead of time. Those who thoroughly research the marketplace are poised to reap the highest return on their investment.

Be sure to read on and learn more about these crucial tips!

1. Keep Immaculate Records

Landlords have to become masters of record keeping. Take the time to examine all of the available software. The days of keeping records by hand have come and gone. Sure, the tax benefits that are associated with property ownership are great. However, the landlord is not going to be able to enjoy any of them unless they have kept all of the proper records.

Write-offs become much tougher to defend in these instances. That’s why a landlord needs to know where their money is, where it has been, and where it is going. The conditions of the property also need to be monitored, so that there are no disputes in the long run. Online tracking programs keep the landlord from having to sift through file cabinets filled with handwritten records.

2. Don’t Expect Maximum Occupancy At All Times

There is no shortage of property management tips for new landlords to be aware of but this one might be the most important. Any landlord who is expecting to fill every possible vacancy in perpetuity is setting themselves up for a major letdown. Loss of income insurance can provide protection for first-time landlords who experience natural disasters or issues that are out of their control.

High rent and low demand are issues that a landlord has to face on their own, though. A first-time landlord that does not have money saved to help them through the tougher times may struggle to keep up with their mortgage. If these types of issues become a regular hassle, it may be time for the landlord to start decreasing their rent prices (or adding amenities!)

3. Be Upfront With Tenants

Some first-time landlords may view this as an obvious tip but that’s not always the case. On-time rent payments must be a priority and without these monies, the business will not be successful. Make expectations clear with tenants when they move in, so there is no confusion later on. Due dates must be established, as well as grace periods.

Penalty payments have to be enforced. Otherwise, tenants will come to believe that on-time payments are not an actual priority. Check the tenants’ rental histories, speak to past landlords when necessary, and take a closer look at their credit report. This paints a very clear picture of the type of person that is being rented to. Responsible residents are a must.

Reasons To Maintain Your Chill Water Pump

As a business owner, you understand the importance of maintaining a comfortable work environment for your employees. When your employees are comfortable inside, no matter the weather outside, productivity remains high and business hums. In order to keep everyone happy, it’s in your best interest to complete regular maintenance on all of the systems in your building, including the systems within the systems, such as the chill water pumps in your A/C unit. Here are a few reminders about the importance of regular maintenance to prevent issues.

Reduce the Risk of Breakdowns

If your air conditioner unit is going to break down, it will likely be on one of the hottest days of the year. Unfortunate coincidence? Maybe, but sometimes a breakdown can be the result of your system being overworked. Have a professional come once or twice a year to conduct regular inspections, maintenance, and repairs on the chill water pumps NYC that your system depends on to run properly so that you can avoid major interruptions to your business.

Extend Equipment Lifespan

Regular maintenance of your air conditioner system, from the inside out, not only prevents breakdowns, but can extend the overall lifespan of your system. Instead of barely squeaking by with the ten year minimum the system is supposed to last, regular maintenance could push it to the top end of its intended lifespan, or even over. Repairing or replacing an internal mechanism is generally less expensive than replacing the entire system.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Finally, regular inspection of your system will improve the efficiency of it. If your system is clean, and there are no leaks or drips, hard water blockages, or rust interfering with performance, your energy bills should be entirely reasonable. High energy bills are often indicators of a problem with your system.

By allowing a professional to regularly inspect your big building systems, there are less opportunities for climate issues to interfere with your business’s success.

4 Signs of a Bad Hot Water Heater

One of the joys of modern living for many people is the ability to have hot water come pouring out of a tap whenever it is desired. Unfortunately, hot water heaters do not last forever and will need to be repaired or replaced when they begin to break down. Some signs that there is a problem with the hot water heater include leaks, unusual noises, problems with the temperature and discolored water.

1. Leaks

For people who have their hot water heater in a regularly used area of the house, one of the most noticeable signs is a leaky tank. While a bit of condensation on the tank is normal, a pool of water or a steady drip from pipes or the tank itself is usually an issue. If a leak is spotted, the pipes, valves, fittings and the tank itself should be examined to determine exactly where the water is escaping and how to fix it. If unsure about how to proceed, contact someone experienced with plumbing repairs Woodstock GA for assistance, as attempting to fix a leaky heater without the help of a professional may result in a voided warranty or other issues.

2. Odd Noises

Over time, mineral deposits harden on the bottom of the tank and create a layer of sediment that reduces the efficiency of the water heater. This layer creates a barrier between the heating element and the water itself, causing the hot water heater to work harder to bring the water up to the correct temperature. As the water heater struggles to heat the water, the tank becomes overheated and banging, popping or rumbling noises may result.

3. Temperature Problems

Another issue that is caused by the deposit of mineral sediments is temperature decreases. If the hot water is no longer as hot as it used to be, or it runs out quickly after the tap is turned on, then that could indicate problems with minerals building up in the bottom of the tank.

4. Discolored Water

If the water pouring out of the tap looks rusty, cloudy or mucky, then it is a sign that rust or bacteria is building up in the tank. The water may also have an unpleasant odor associated with it as well. Check the cold water tap to be sure the problem is isolated to the hot water tank to narrow down the problem.

Having a hot water heater in the home is normally a wonderful thing. However, it must be properly maintained in order to function well and not break down prematurely. Talk to an expert for advice about how to maintain the model owned to ensure years of use.

Keeping Your Home’s Outside Stronger Than Weather

First-time homeowners discover very quickly that there’s always a project that needs to be done. If you want to maintain or grow the aesthetic and financial value of your home, you must commit to upkeeping it inside and out. That’s easier said than done in some parts of the country than others. If you live somewhere with extreme heat and cold, as well as rain, snow, and high winds, you may find this challenging. The best thing you can do is to plan and understand what your home needs.


Investing in weatherproofing is essential. Whether you need to hire professionals for stucco weatherproofing Albuquerque NM, or treat wood or vinyl yourself, you must research and educate yourself about what your home’s exterior materials need to defend themselves against the weather in your area.


While most people clean the inside of their house regularly, it never occurs to many of them to clean the outside. Or, they simply don’t know how to do it properly. While it may seem intimidating, basic exterior home cleaning is often simpler than it may appear. This is again a matter of understanding what material you’re working with. Pressure washing is generally the best option, and you can more than likely do it yourself. You just need to have a clear understanding of the equipment you need, the amount of pressure to apply, and how to wash from a safe distance.

Alternatives to Wood or Stone

If this all seems to be more work than you’re up for, you can always outfit your house with something a little more manageable. Vinyl siding doesn’t suffer the effects of weather in the same way that painted wood does. It can also emulate many different materials and resemble wood or stone at a glance. The same is true of metal, to an extent.


Home Search Preparation Tips

Hunting for a new home is exciting, but the process may seem overwhelming. You can’t just search “Smithfield VA homes for sale” and find the perfect candidate. However, with a little preparation and a few tips and tricks, you can find the right house for you.

Handle the Money

If you will need to get a mortgage loan for your new home, you should make sure your finances are in order. Pay off debt and save for a down payment. Identify any bad marks on your credit that need to be fixed before you pursue a mortgage loan. Organize your financial records so they are available to lenders when you start applying for loans.

Next, research loan options, such as interest rates, length of the mortgage loan and other loan terms, such as prepayment penalties. Calculate the payment you can afford each month and base your house budget on that amount. Most lenders suggest that you purchase a home no more than 2-3 times your annual gross income, but a payment that is no more than 25% of your take-home pay.

Write Down What You Want

Only you can clearly define your needs and wants. For example, how many bedrooms and bathrooms do you want? Do you need any extra rooms, such as art studios or offices, or bonus space for a home theater or kids play area? Do you want to live in a condo or have a yard for your children? You may even want to live in a rural area with some acreage rather than living in town. Think about your immediate and long-term needs.

Choose Areas

If you are moving to a new town, choosing the right area may take a bit of extra work. For example, you may have to ask your coworkers, boss or real estate professionals about the best neighborhoods or rural areas and their proximity to good schools and your office.

Next, research these areas. Find out their crime rates, average home price and average home size and composition. You won’t be looking for a four-bedroom house in a neighborhood filled with 2-bedroom homes or lots of condo development. You also want to learn about the home values in the area and their rate of appreciation or depreciation.

Let the Search Begin

Start with an in-depth online search of the homes in your desired areas and make a list. Then, consider contacting a reputable real estate agent, preferably one who belongs to the National Association of Realtors®. Be realistic about what you can afford and avoid going over budget.

Take the uncertainty out of finding a new home with a little preparation and a great real estate agent.

Your Leaky Sink Deserves Immediate Attention

Some household troubles just don’t seem as serious as others. The bathroom’s dripping faucet, for instance, often becomes overlooked, put aside for another day. While it may seem innocuous, that little bit of water, however, could spell major issues without the right attention. Homeowners, therefore, should put it at the top of the list, tackling it before hazards such as mold occur.

Why Is A Leak Concerning?

When fluid enters into porous objects such as drywall, furniture or flooring, it penetrates deep into the object. The dampness interacts with naturally existing microbes, triggering them to breed. Fungus, for example, inhabits most spaces. It is often harmless. When moisture meets it, though, it begins to reproduce and decompose the organic matter. The pipe’s trickling, then, could be starting an unfortunate mold infestation.

What Should Owners Do?

Seek the assistance of a plumber, fixing the source of the water exposure. Air out the location to the best of your ability. In fact, consider running a dehumidifier for a day or two as an extra means of security. Once this is done, the impacted structure should be assessed, determining if growth has begun. If it has, residents may contact a company that specializes in mold inspection and remediation Albany NY. The experts can evaluate what areas require tear out and treatment.

Why Doesn’t Bleach Work?

Household cleaners such as bleach eradicate surface microorganisms, yet these chemicals do not absorb into materials. Lingering spores could persist with spots reappearing down the road. Because sprays and washes do not get to the innermost contamination, removal offers a more reliable solution.

Leaks are serious events. Although seemingly miniscule, the situation has the potential to grow into a major headache. For this reason, keep an eye on how well the plumbing system functions, fixing anything questionable as soon as possible.