Different Types of Exterior Shades For Patios

You could think about solar shades, roller shades, or even plantation shutters. These are suitable for the majority of patios. Knowing which shades are available when you find the best exterior shade for your patio is useful. You should also consider installing an umbrella over your patio to keep the sun off your furniture and patio. However, you should first read the installation instructions for these blinds. You should be aware that if your patio shade is particularly large, you may require the assistance of additional people.


Roller Shades

Outdoor patio shades can turn your space into an oasis, drastically reducing heat and glare. Large patios require a larger shade, and motorization is the most desirable choice for these patio window coverings. Motors are easier to use and can also be child-friendly. They should be stored in the up position when not in use. Ensure that it fits the space you want to shade and is sized appropriately.

Patio roller shades are a great way to reduce the heat and UV rays coming from the sun. The shades are designed to filter the light, so your patio furniture won’t fade from exposure to the sun. They also can be mounted outside windows for privacy and control. Because they don’t block your view, they can greatly add to any room in your home. You can even install these shades in media rooms to improve your home entertainment experience.


Solar Shades

A solar shade for patios can help control the sunlight from the sun. Because they are made of fabric, the amount of light that can come through is adjustable. Solar shades can block a large percentage of UV rays depending on the opacity or allow in just a small amount. Dark exterior shade can absorb heat and block glare, while light shades let light in but make the view of the patio hazy.

These stylish patio shades are made of solar-absorbing fabric that helps control the light without blocking it completely. As a result, they help reduce glare and heat while giving you a great view of the outdoors. They are also an excellent option for west-facing windows, which can be problematic because of the reflection from the surrounding landscape. They can also be customized to have specific degrees of openness, ranging from 1% to 5%. The color of the fabric also determines the openness level.


Plantation Shutters

There are several different types of outdoor shades you can choose from, including shutters and PVC blinds. Plantation shutters can control the sunlight coming into your home and act as a stylish ceiling for your patio or balcony. PVC blinds can be opened and closed, allowing you to control the amount of wind that blows through your outdoor space. In addition, they will not rust, unlike metal blinds, and will keep your outdoor space feeling open and spacious.

Another type of shade is made from wood. This style has a timeless appearance that is popular with homeowners. They come in many sizes, with louvers ranging from one-quarter-inch to four inches. Typically, wood shutters are made of hardwoods, but you can also buy faux-wood versions in various finishes. You can also choose from solid panels and fabric shutters.



If you want to add shade to your patio, there are many different types of outdoor shade options. Umbrellas are one of the most popular shades and can be a great addition to your patio. Umbrellas can be non-portable or portable and can be moved to different parts of the patio as the weather dictates. Triangle sunshades are also a great option for small patios because of their accommodating shape.

Outdoor roller shades are another option for covering a patio. They come in various neutral colors, and you can customize them if you want. They can be made from plastic, bamboo, or solar-screen fabric. Outdoor roll-up shades can block UV rays and protect your patio furniture. These are an excellent choice for covered patios since they are easy to install and operate. However, these options aren’t recommended for colder climates.