How a Landscaping Team Produces Sustainable and Modern Yards

Modern landscaping is a unique challenge for many people and may require a careful and sustained approach to produce excellent and unforgettable styles. Thankfully, companies like Eco Minded Solutions and other firms can provide help with this kind of modern landscaping design. 

Understanding Sustainable Design Concepts 

Sustainable and modern landscaping designs typically use what many government specialists call the seven principles of contemporary design. However, these ideas can be used not just on your landscaping but also throughout other areas of your life. They include statements like:

  1. Simplicity of Design – Modern landscaping focuses on creating neat lines, a simple design, and an elegant look. The main idea is to produce an uncluttered style that goes beyond the familiar old-school looks of the time to create a new and refined look. 
  2. Variety of Forms – Though simplicity is enormous in modern landscaping, you should also include a variety of different sizes, shapes, and form for each of your landscaping items. However, type should inform simplicity, not overpower it and make your yard a cluttered mess. 
  3. Balance of Feel – Every item you add or take away from your landscape should remain balanced to produce an immediate visual appeal. For example, don’t overwhelm one side of your yard with items of one color but scatter them throughout the field to keep your home attractive. 
  4. Emphasizing Factors – Don’t neglect to use things like texture, form, and feel to appeal to anyone who sees your yard. In essence, you are adding a few critical elements throughout the yard, which makes sense for your yard and doesn’t overwhelm it, either. 
  5. Sequencing for Transitions – All of your yard’s designs must be carefully selected and sequenced to lead the eye through the yard. Varying shapes and colors shouldn’t be thrown in randomly but should automatically pull you through the yard by gradually varying the different looks and feels. 
  6. Proper Proportion – Don’t overwhelm a yard with outrageous proportions. Keep everything within a reasonable scale and make sure that they relate to each other appropriately. This step requires a careful eye and an ability to read the overall feel and scope with minimal challenge.
  7. Unity of Concept – Lastly, you need to make sure that your yard feels connected and unified in its design diversity. Things like walkways, paths, stairs, fences, and other items help link your yard and make it an easier place to enjoy while you are visiting.

Can you handle all of these steps yourself? Many people may understand how to trim their bushes, cut their trees, and install pathways that help to make these looks more robust and more effective. That said, many other people are likely to need the help of a professional team.

Pulling These Ideas Together With a Landscaping Team

When you hire a landscaping team, you can create a modern look for your yard with minimal effort. These teams will:

  • Handle design steps 
  • Carefully upgrade your lawn 
  • Provide maintenance and upkeep 
  • Visit again in a few years for a new design change 

These benefits make an excellent landscaping team a great option. They’ll take the hard steps out of your hands and ensure that you get the high-quality look and feel that makes sense for your needs. 

Get Help Today 

As you can see, it is best to work with a modern landscaping team that you can trust to get the job done. These experts can work directly with you to ensure that you are satisfied and give you the necessary assistance to transform your yard and make it more appealing and exciting.