Is Your Home Ready To Battle the Next Storm? Do These 4 Things To Know for Sure

When a powerful weather system blows into town, you trust your home to keep you safe. But while it’s protecting you from rain, wind and lightning, your house is taking quite a beating. After some time, the intensity takes its toll, possibly harming your place’s structure. Keep it in top shape, safeguarding you in the future. To do this, check it out occasionally. Complete the following four things to ensure your home stays in sturdy condition.

1. Inspect the Roof for Damage

The roofing, by far, combats storms the most. The wind whips through, and the raindrops fall. Throughout it all, the roof keeps it from entering your rooms. Eventually, these things can deteriorate or disrupt the shingles and flashing, creating small openings that soak in moisture. These issues could lead to mold and water damage when allowed to linger. 

Have professionals in roof leak repair Virginia Beach VA assess your roofing yearly. After locating problems, they can fix them for you, hoping to avoid significant concerns down the road.

2. Clear Gutters

Your drainage system moves water away from the foundation, minimizing puddles and lingering fluids. Gutters, however, can clog with leaves and debris, blocking the rainwater’s flow. Climb up once or twice a year, and dislodge any blockages.

3. Tend to the Landscaping

Trees and bushes are beautiful aesthetics, enhancing your yard. They should remain a reasonable distance from windows and the residence’s structure. When winds pick up, they could break off limbs, hurling them into the home. Look over your trees, cutting back branches regularly.

Also, be sure that plants don’t block the drainage system. They should remain clear on any gutter spouts, so they do not interfere with moving water away from the structure.

This year, defend your home. Keep it in top condition so that it is armed to safeguard you and your family.