Why You Should Get Your Air and Water Tested

Your home is likely the place where you spend the most time. Because of this fact, it’s very critical that your house is a safe and healthy place to be. If you have a family or pets, this is all the more reason to ensure your house is healthy. One way that you can ensure the wellness of your home is to check the air and water for radon. If you don’t know what radon is, here is the answer! Radon is a gas. It doesn’t have odor, color, or taste. When radium and uranium break down, radon is produced. Radon can be a hazard. Keep reading to see how you can keep your home safe from radon for everyone living there. 

Air Testing 

Radon can be airborne. Because you breathe in air, this is a problem. Because of this, it’s important to get your air tested. Radon can change because of the temperature. This can happen easily during winter. It happens easily during the cold months because of the warmth in the house. Utilizing both air and water testing Weston CT can help keep your home safe from the hazards of radon. 

Water Testing 

Just like the air you breathe, it’s vital that the water you drink is clean and safe. Radon in your water can deter this essential need. Radon levels can change at times. These changes can be due to different causes, including water usage and climate. If you have small children, it’s extremely critical that they have access to clean water. Getting your water tested is a vital step in making sure your water is safe to ingest.

Some known methods used to remove radon in the water are: granular activated charcoal activation and water aeration. Water aeration can help your drinking water by increasing pH and eliminating odor. Granular activated charcoal activation is also a benefit to your water as well.