Pneumatic Power Runs Industries and Homes

One of the most useful sources of power in industry and the home is pneumatic air power. This power source is easy to produce, and simple to use. All you need is a compressor, an electric connection and the right hoses to connect your tools. 

The uses of compressed air are varied. Everything from hand-cutting tools to train brakes powered by railroad yard air are in use. Almost any job you want to accomplish can be simplified with pneumatic power. Even small home compressors can provide enough pressure to apply large amounts of force, and accomplish big jobs fast.

Common Uses of Pneumatic Power in Industry

If you have ever seen a television show with an auto repair garage, or a racetrack pit stop, you know the sound of air tools. The repetitive high buzzing sound is ever-present in these scenes, and with good reason. The impact wrenches responsible for the sound are used so commonly in repair shops that they are seldom put away. They make removing and replacing tires and parts much quicker and easier, allowing mechanics to work very efficiently.

Semi tractor-trailers are just as easily associated with air horns and the sharp hiss of air brakes. These are two separate uses of air power that keep the transport of goods flowing constantly. And let’s not forget the simple joy of kids pumping their arms in the air to ask a truck driver for a blast from the horns.

How Pneumatic Power can Help You

One of the unique things about pneumatic power is that it can be scaled up for industrial uses, or down to household size. Home air compressors are useful for airing up tires, and can also power air wrenches and other tools to simplify home projects. Repairs are simpler with an air nailer, and cutting tools can make quick work of anything you need cut to size. 

Compressed air is a force that makes our lives easier in obvious and more subtle ways. Don’t forget about pneumatic power when planning a project, you might find yourself finished earlier than you thought.