Remember These 5 Factors When Considering a Warehouse

If your business is at the point where you need a warehouse to store all of the goods you need, you want the right building on the right leasing terms. Here are some things to consider when it’s time to lease a warehouse.

1. Location

You want a building close enough to your company that traveling back and forth for supplies won’t be a problem. You also want a location that is easily accessible for your trucking company. If you’re looking for a trucking company to haul your goods, contact logistics transportation services Taylor MI.

2. Parking

Make sure you have plenty of room for trucks to park in your lot overnight if needed and that the lease will allow overnight parking. Read the lease carefully to make sure the landlord is responsible for maintaining the parking lot and not you.

3. Size

You’ll need sufficient room to store all of the goods your company needs. When paying for square footage, make sure you understand the terms of the lease. Are you paying for usable square footage or for the size of the entire building? Make sure this is clear before you sign the lease.

4. Loading Area

If trucks are coming to your warehouse, you’ll need a loading dock that’s large enough to give 18-wheelers sufficient space. Will you need the trucks to be able to drive straight into the building? If so, does the warehouse offer gradient loading?

5. Zoning

Make sure the warehouse is in an area zoned for your particular type of work. Check with the city ordinances. If your type of work isn’t permitted, look elsewhere.

Finding the right warehouse for your business can be a challenge, but if you ask the right questions and make sure you understand all of the terms of the lease, you’re bound to find the best building for you.