Prevent a Bathroom Waterfall by Noting These Shower Leak Signs

A dripping showerhead might seem a mild and wasteful inconvenience. Sometimes, however, that leak leads to worse problems when water backs up behind where the head meets the wall. If a showerhead blockage causes leaks around the plumbing within the wall, you will notice signs of trouble that if unchecked can lead to costly structural repairs. These are the signs that indicate you should call a plumbing services Geneva IL contractor to remediate the leaking shower concerns — before you become awash in remodeling invoices.

Earthy Odor

If your bathroom starts to present a musty smell, it is likely giving off signs of mold. Any cleanout spaces in adjoining rooms can also exhibit this dusty odor. Unfortunately, this is condition signals a growing problem since mold can spread quickly, especially when moisture remains present.


Mold that grows out of control could then appear on the surfaces of the wall where the leak is occurring. Look for patterns of brownish or black splotches. Cleaning the mold with bleach will only temporarily clear up the problem. Mold’s source may be tricky to diagnose, however, since other moisture problems in the bathroom can cause it to appear. 

Loose Tiles

Water leaking both behind the walls and over wornout grout will seep behind shower tiles. After a time, the tile will fail to adhere to the soggy wallboard or plaster. Tiles may eventually fall off. Before then, you will notice that they feel spongy as you push on them. By then, the entire wall would need to be replaced, so do not delay your dealing with a leak. 

Bathroom Floor Discolorations

Rusty or rosy colored stains around the shower or tub can result from small pools of standing water, especially where the water contains many minerals. If you are fastidious about properly closing the shower curtain or door, the water must be coming from a leaking source. 

Ceiling Stains

You should act quickly if you notice the ceiling (or basement flooring) below a bathroom looking discolored. A dripping ceiling is especially concerning. Pieces of it can crumble and fall, and if the flooring structure of the bathroom becomes saturated, it will weaken and may not support the shower or other bathroom fixtures. 

Water is life-sustaining. It can also act as a destructive force when it finds its way where it does not belong in your house. By paying attention to signs of a shower leak, you can take care of the problem before the leak turns into a tsunami.