Starter Tips for Hanging Art in Your Home

Decorating the rooms in your house seems like an easy task. However, sometimes you put up some art that you like, and it just does not look right. It turns out there are some principles you can follow to improve the cohesion of your interior decoration.

Whether you want to hang canvas, print, brushed metal art prints or engraved wood, you can follow the tips in this article to achieve a more attractive art layout in your home.

Consider the Size and Shape

Good art flow requires some balance. You do not want a single small piece of art hanging over an enormous sofa. A good rule of thumb is to hang art that is two-thirds the size of your couch or headboard. When hanging multiple pieces to make a collage, keep the heavier elements on the bottom left and move towards the top right as pieces get smaller.

Keep It Eye Level

A common mistake of amateur decorators is to hang their art too high. One of the most valuable tips you can absorb is to stick to 57 inches from the center of your art. If you make sure the center of your pieces are all uniformly measured the same from the center to the floor, you will create a more balanced and professional look in your home. Fifty-seven inches is the most common height because that is the average eye level. If you are hanging the art above a sofa, though, make sure you give 8 to 10 inches of space between the art and sofa back, regardless of how high that ends up being.

Hanging your art should be a fun and creatively stimulating task. However, do not assume you can start hanging pieces without any forethought. Consider the essential design tips listed above, and keep in mind how the eye naturally flows. Your room will look like a professional showroom in no time.