Post Title 3 Tips for Choosing a Contractor

Hiring a contractor is an important decision to make when you plan to get any kind of work done in or on your home. Here are three tips for choosing a contractor.

1. Check for Appropriate Paperwork

When you seek out a contractor, you must confirm that the business is a legitimate one. One of the ways to do this is by checking the contractor’s licenses, insurance coverage and permits and the possibility of a lein waiver. You can check with your contractors state license board to confirm most of this information.

2. Get Everything In Writing

Make sure you get everything in writing. Estimates and quotes should be provided in written records and you should always get a contract drawn up and signed by all relevant parties before you allow the contractor to begin any work. This way you can read through all the fine print before the project begins and refer back to it easily as time goes on. The contract should be as thorough and detailed as possible. Anything that is agreed to verbally by you, the contractor or a third party should be incorporated as well.

3. Request References

A professional and qualified contractor should have several recent customers that you can request to contact as references. Ask the contractor for a few customers you can get in touch with, preferably ones who had similar services to the ones you’re interested in provided. You can ask these references how they feel about the work the contractor did. You can also ask them the same questions you ask the contractor and check whether each answer matches up.

Above all, make sure you do thorough research when you’re looking for a contractor. Make sure you know what kind of work you need to be completed and hire an appropriate option.