Which Landscaping Service Is Right for Me?

Landscapers can do your yard work better and more efficiently than you could ever hope to. Even if you have a small yard, you could benefit from hiring a landscaper to save you the time and hassle of maintaining lawn care equipment.

However, landscaping is a competitive industry, and you might be overwhelmed. This article intends to provide a few pointers for choosing the right landscaping company for you.

Types of Lawncare

First, you need to understand the two broad categories of landscapers:

  • Commercial contractors specialize in larger-scale operations and often provide a rigid care plan. Usually, commercial landscape contractors cost more because their customers vet them more heavily. These services are helpful because they offer a wide range of services, albeit at a higher price.
  • Residential contractors tend to be more specialized. For instance, they might only offer lawnmowing or residential sodding Memphis TN. The benefit of residential contractors is that they are usually less expensive than commercial contractors, and they can be more flexible with what they offer. You might have a personal relationship with a residential contractor, where commercial contractors behave more like corporate entities.

Other Considerations

Before you decide, you need to consider a few more things. For one, how frequently do you need your lawn care? If you need your weeds whacked and lawn mowed every week, then the availability of a landscaper plays a big part in your decision. Another factor is the credentials of your professional. If they are a new company or independent contractor, they might be cheaper than the competition. However, with experience comes not only cost but quality. Do not automatically go for the more affordable option.

Landscaping is a wide-ranging industry covering lawn care, gardening, design and basic construction. Make sure you hire a team that can cover your requirements to avoid paying extra for services you do not need.